Michigan Coordinated
Transportation Planning

Welcome to the Michigan Coordinated Transportation Planning project website. Through this effort the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission (SWMPC), in conjunction with the Michigan Department of Transportation, Office of Passenger Transportation (MDOT OPT), is leading the statewide development of coordinated transportation plans based on the 14 Michigan Regional Planning Agency (RPA) service areas. This project website is being used to highlight outreach events and to post interim planning documents for review by you and other stakeholders.

Coordinated transportation plans are required for funding through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities (Section 5310) Program administered by MDOT OPT. The coordinated transportation plans will identify mobility needs and potential improvements in each region — particularly for older adults, people with disabilities, and people with lower incomes. The plans will also be designed to go beyond the federal requirements by incorporating services provided under other programs.  SWMPC and MDOT OPT are working with the KFH Group, a national transportation planning firm that has led similar statewide, regional, and local efforts in Michigan, and who will be facilitating outreach efforts and the overall planning process.

Please click on the region page(s) of most interest to you to for information on the status of the plan for that region.   

Thank you for your interest in the Michigan Coordinated Transportation Planning and efforts to improve regional mobility in the state.  We encourage you to check back for future updates.

In the meantime please contact the following SWMPC or KFH Group representative shown below. 


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Dan Dalton

Senior Transportation Planner

KFH Group



Kim Gallagher

Senior Transportation Planner

Southwestern Michigan Planning Commission (SWMPC)


269-208-1137 x 1518